Drawing inspiration from all around the world, G2000 creates thoughtfully designed Fall 2019 workwear with comfort and functionality, for all working professionals no matter where they are and what they do.

An early bike ride through downtown Seoul. An unscheduled afternoon meeting in London. A welcome distraction after work in Sao Paulo. A new collection curated by our workwear stylists for the cities we love. Crafted for style as well as utility, considered for both comfort and convenience. G2000 Curated for the City is your passport to the cities you love. Don’t just work there. Live!



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Designed around you

G2000 is designed by professionals for professionals. From the modern business class to the creative class, G2000 meets the ever-changing needs of our working lives, with an emphasis on precision tailoring and design innovation that redefine workwear for modern professionals today: whoever they are and whatever they do.


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